It was simple enough
the fact that
they loved each other,

Two shy souls
from neighbouring villages,
fields of lush green
nourishing their tender love.

Secret meets
holding hands,
painting a picture together
with nothing but wispy dreams,
a wheat brush in hand
dreamy strokes on a winter sky…

But brother found out
of his sister’s joy
told his father, mother
news quickly spread
to kith and kin,

Angry bloodshot eyes
a resolve
to silence the cause of their

They flung open her room
one cold bitter evening
as she slept
her brother and father held her down
her mother guarded the door
while her uncle
clasped his hands
around her neck,
It was too late to scream
within moments
lay her limp, lifeless body
on the wooden charpoy.

Flung into the river
the family went back home
as the village cheered on
their honour, restored.

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